Teeth Whitening

If You’re Suffering from Stained Teeth, You’re Not Alone.  Although some tooth staining can be prevented with lifestyle changes (like avoiding cigarettes and highly pigmented foods), tooth discoloration is also simply part of the natural aging process. It can also be the result of certain antibiotics or your unique genetic makeup.  The result is roughly 80% of Americans who are dealing with tooth discoloration and wish they had whiter teeth.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

We’re proud to offer advanced Zoom® teeth whitening treatments to help you get the best results, fast.  This whitening procedure involves applying a professional whitening gel to each tooth. The gel is then activated by a laser. The heat generated by the laser helps break up tough and deeply set stains, enhancing the whitening effect and speeding up the process.

You’ll see an immediate improvement in your smile! However, depending on your level of staining, you may require a couple treatments to reach your desired shade.

We’ll discuss all of this during your whitening consultation, answering your questions and ensuring you understand the process.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

You may also be interested in our professional at-home teeth whitening treatments. This option utilizes a set of teeth whitening trays that are custom made for your mouth to ensure the perfect fit.  Once a day, you’ll fill your trays with a professional whitening gel and wear them for 1 hour. You’ll start to see result in as little as 3 sessions with maximum results in 2 weeks!

This convenient option is perfect for those with only minor teeth staining or as a complement to an in-office whitening treatment. A great way to help you maintain your snowy white smile!

If you think your stained teeth are beyond help, give us a call.  Together, we’ll help you achieve the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted.