Crowns & Bridges

When a tooth sustains damage, like a chip or a crack in its main structure, the damage will become worse until the tooth is repaired. In many cases, a dental crown can be fashioned to completely cover and protect the tooth, preventing further injury to the tooth while restoring its function. When a tooth (or teeth) is lost, a dental crown or bridge can be fashioned to replace it. A bridge consists of a lifelike prosthesis, or pontic, supported on either side by dental crowns, which are bonded to the adjacent teeth.  With lifelike crowns and bridges, we can help patients save their healthy, natural smiles.

During your visit, we will examine your teeth to determine the extent of the damage, or to gauge if a dental crown or bridge is the right replacement option. To repair a tooth with a crown or bridge, we will first prepare the tooth by sculpting just enough of its enamel to accommodate the restoration. Once the crown is developed, we will permanently bond it over the tooth, ensuring that it fits in comfortably and naturally with the rest of your teeth. If you need a dental bridge to replace a lost tooth, then we will begin by thoroughly measuring your teeth, taking digital images to accurately craft your prosthesis. The bridge’s pontic will mimic the healthy, blemish-free version of your lost tooth, and will be secured in place by bordering dental crowns bonded to the adjacent teeth.