Bruxism / TMJ

How Bruxism Treatment Protects Your Teeth

If you catch yourself grinding your teeth often, or if the noise from your teeth-grinding keeps your partner up at night, then you may benefit from customized bruxism treatment. Bruxism describes chronic teeth-grinding. Unlike typical clenching, bruxism can be difficult to stop, or even notice, because it tends to occur most often at night. If it isn’t addressed, bruxism can lead to severe wear and damage to your teeth, resulting in tooth sensitivity and increased risk of further dental issues. In most cases, we can protect a patient’s smile from bruxism with a custom-designed oral appliance, or sleep guard, that acts as a buffer between teeth.

To determine if bruxism treatment is right for you, we will perform a comprehensive examination to check for tell-tale signs, such as excessive wear on your teeth. If bruxism is an issue, then the doctor may prescribe a custom-designed nightguard that you can wear at night to prevent damage from teeth grinding. If your teeth have already suffered excessive wear or damage, then your treatment plan can also include restorative measures to repair the damage. 

Protect Your Smile with Bruxism Treatment!